Hand built Quality!

For 43 years, Pacific Outdoor Products has been committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing state-of-the-art playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, site furnishings and dog park equipment. All made in the USA and manufactured in Maple Valley, Washington. Pacific Outdoor Products offers pride of workmanship with innovative design, superior customer service and the highest quality products. Every order is custom made to exacting standards and double checked for custom fit and accuracy.

Custom design!

Our Poly Playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment can be designed to just about fit any size space or age group, they are the most modular products available. All we need is the size of your area, age group of the users and the type of equipment you want, and we can design a custom set for you. From playgrounds and swing sets for children, to workout equipment for adults and the highest quality and strongest equipment for our canine friends…it’s all here! Pacific Outdoor Products wants to help turn the vision of outdoor play and fitness into reality.